Top 10 Earning Application in Nepal- Download & Earn Setting at Home

Top 10 Earning Application in Nepal- Download & Earn Setting at Home

Hello friends, welcome to all of you, in which post I have brought for you 10 such apps that you can download and run in Nepal and earn money. Top 10 Earning Application in Nepal- Download & Earn Setting at Home

Now the time has become digital, the time has gone where people were able to earn some money by working for hours, but now there has been a means of online listening to get you away from those chains if you want to run in part-time. Today I am going to tell you about some such apps that you can download on your mobile and you can earn from them.

Let’s start Top 10 Earning Application in Nepal


This is an app from where we can shop like you might have heard of big companies Amazon Clipcards that send online products in the same way [Gyapu] in Nepal is also a Shopping website. With this help, you can earn. For that, you have to go to this website and log in. And to download its app on your mobile. After getting sinus here, you will get the referral link. And you have to share that link on social media. After a referral to the penis, you get a benefit in it. All you have to do is share the referral link with your friends and join them.


If you want to be recharged in your mobile for free, then it is a very best app, you can also download it by going to the play store, you have to download it from the play store and install after downloading your smartphone. I have to sign up in which you ask for this number, then you have to enter the mobile number, you get a thousand bonus with signing up, after that it gives you a unit link, share it with your friends and Tell them to join it and Saina, after that you will get points.

3.Salon Lite

Salon Lite Salon Lite is a social media application, it has recently been launched in Nepal. To download this app, you have to go to the Play Store. To download this app, just like you run Facebook, in the same way you have to run it, you have to create an account in the same way and as you like post comments on Facebook, in the same way you have to do it in the beginning, you have up to 35000 points. After that, you can make a horoscope of 5000 points by looking at you very comfortably.


Patho is a very good platform to awaken in Nepal, you have to go to this platform. And here you have to sign up. If you can perform well in fieldwork. If you go to this website only after signing up here, if you do a good job, then you can do 30 to 40,000 earnings every month, every day there are new gift offers, for this, you must have Android Mobile. . And must be licensed.

5.Online Paisa

Online money is a good platform to do a recording in Nepal, here you have to sit online and watch videos and like videos, in this application you have to sign up and create your account, after that all the videos come online here. To see them, as long as you will be online, according to the time you will take the earning point, every day you get 25 points for giving time, to download it, you have to go to Google Play Store, its link is given below. has gone.

6.IME Pay

IME Pay is Nepal’s payment gateway application. With the help of this, you can bill anything digitally. You can download it comfortably from Google Play Store. There is a KYC form in it. If you verify that. From there you earn a sum of ₹ 30. After that you referral it. And sign up with your friends. Even then you earn money.

Money Transfer

  • Send Money
  • Receive Money
  • Add Money
  • Withdraw Money

Utility Bill Payments

  • Mobile Top Up
  • Electricity
  • TV
  • Internet
  • Landline
  • Water

Merchant Payment

  • Restaurant
  • Shopping
  • Health Service
  • Recreation


  • Chandragiri Hills
  • Airline

KBC Nepal

And everyone must have heard about KBC, who knows about this app, who knows about this app, so why not download it, write KBC Nepal in the play store and you should download it, like all apps after downloading it. You have to sign up, you should have knowledge of general knowledge just by your mobile number, in which you will be asked questions of general knowledge, you have to answer them correctly and earning.


You can also earn money through e-service, here also you have to create an account, first of all download from Google Play Store, then sign it up, after that you have to fill the KYC form. At the time of approval, you get ₹ 30 because you have an income, so whenever you do business through this app, you get a cashback from which you can earn money sitting at home.


Net cash is one of the best online earning platforms in Nepal. Here you can do the earning using the knowledge of General Knowledge. There are many quiz contests here, which you can play and also teach your IQ, and you can also earn by giving correct answers while playing that you can remove the e-service of Nepcash app through the e-bank account

9.Earn Money Nepal

Arn Money Nepal is one of the best applications in which you can go to the link given below, you can download it directly from the play store, you also have to sign up and after that, the unique link is provided to you. You have to share it with your friends, with the help of which you can earn from 10 to $ 15, to make a running deposit, you have to take the help of PayPal and it is paid every 3 months.

So Guys if you like the Top 10 Earning Application in Nepal. So, share the post with your friends. Also Read: Commercial Bank List of Nepal Class A

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