Government Prepares to Recruit Public Health Inspectors Vacancy 2078

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Public Health Inspectors Vacancy 2078: The government is going to appoint 1,077 public health inspectors at the local level for the response of Covid-19. In order to implement Article 33 of the Covid-19 Crisis Management Ordinance 2078, the Ministry has also issued the Working Procedure 2078 on the mobilization of public health inspectors for the response to the Covid-19.

As per the rules of procedure, a total of 1,077 people are being appointed in Kathmandu Metropolitan City at the rate of 7 people, in other metropolitan cities at the rate of 5 people, in the metropolitan city at the rate of 3 people, in the municipality at the rate of 2 people and in the village municipality at the rate of 1 person.

The procedure states that the inspector must have at least a bachelor’s degree in public health. It is taking for a one-year contract. It states that the officer will be provided a salary equal to the seventh level and a 50 percent additional risk allowance for six months.

At present, the seventh level official level salary is Rs 37,870 and the 50 percent risk allowance is Rs 18,935, bringing the total to Rs 56,805.

It is stated in the working procedure that the service period of the public health inspector will be one year and the tenure can be extended after assessing the condition of the epidemic. The ministry has said that priority will be given to the existing permanent health workers who are in surplus and the insufficient number will be provided by the Department of Epidemiology and Disease Control.

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