May 17, 2022

Pradesh 1 Lok Sewa Aayog Postponed Agriculture Exam in 2078: Province Public Service Commission Province No. 1 (Pradesh 1 Lok Sewa Aayog), Biratnagar, Nepal Urgent notice regarding postponement of examination

As per the submission of Order No. 078-WO-0316 of the esteemed Supreme Court, as per the demand of the petitioners including Vasant Regmi, 24, of Jumla, Ward No. 9, Chandannath Municipality; As per the short-term interim order to keep the action related to the advertisement of Province No. 1 078/079 as it is, the advertisement No. 7/078/079 of the Agricultural Service Crop Protection Group as per the information No. 1-078-079 published by this Commission on 2078-04-04. Advertisement No. 8-9 / 078/079 Agriculture Service Agronomy Group Assistant Level 4th Level and Advertisement No. 15-078-079 Agriculture Service Agriculture Extension Group, Advertisement No. 18-078-079 Agricultural Service Crop Protection Group and Advertisement No. 19-078- 079.

This notice has been published for the information of all concerned regarding the decision taken by the meeting of the Commission dated 2078-05-28 to postpone the written examination of the posts of Agriculture Service Agronomy Group Assistant Level 5 level till further notice.

Notice no. 25 / 078-79,
Date 2078-05-29

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