May 21, 2022

Nepal Police Published Notice to Contact within 7 days: Ministry of Home Affairs, Police Headquarters Naxal, (Secretariat of Inspector General of Police, Law Branch) Notice of Absent Personnel to Contact within 7 days

This notice has been published to the effect that the following police personnel have been absent from the office voluntarily since the following date and did not come in contact with the office even after completing the procedure as per (11) of Rule 115 of the Police Rules, 2071.

You may come to this office with a satisfactory explanation and answer as you have been absent for seven (7) days except for the period of the road from the date of publication. Otherwise, you will be removed from service as per clause (b) (b) (1) of Rule 109 of the Police Rules for the offense of clause (f) of Rule 113 (1) of the Police Rules, 2071. For the purpose of Part 4 of Schedule 14 of the Police Rules, 2071, you have been informed that you have been given an opportunity to clean up by this collective notice.

Date of publication of information: 2078-06-10.

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