Driving License Latest Rule in Nepal 2078

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Driving License Latest Rule in Nepal 2078: The trial and written examination for the driver’s license in Nepal is soon going under extensive changes. The Department of Transport and Management Nepal (DOTM) had planned to bring a new license policy regarding the trial and written tests for two-wheelers and four-wheeler licenses. 

Driving License Latest Rule in Nepal

According to the new license rule, examinees can now pass the trial examination even after scoring 80% perfection in the test while in the case of written examination, securing 80 points out of 100 will be considered a pass. However, this new rule is only applicable for four-wheelers and two-wheelers such as motorcycles, scooters, mopeds, cars, jeeps, vans, etc. excluding the heavy-duty ones.

Well, how exactly is DOTM calculating our score during the license trial? This might be a word of big confusion for most of us, well, don’t worry about that as here we have mentioned on what basis license trial exam points are going to be calculated. 

Driving Rule in Nepal

 Proper inspection of the mirror needs to be done that carries 3 points.

 The helmet needs to be properly locked and it carries 4 points.

 Rough and driving without patience will lead to a reduction of 3 points.

 If the bike touches the borderline marked as 8 once, 5 points will be cut. If the line is touched more than once, the rider will be declared fail.

 If the foot touches the ground once then in 8, 5 points will be cut. If the foot touches the ground more than once, the rider will be declared fail.

 If the rider falls off the narrow path which comes after crossing 8 or his foot touches the ground while crossing the path, he will be declared fail.

 While U-turn marked like cannot be touched. The indicator must be turned on during U-turn otherwise, 10 points will be cut off.

 The traffic lights must be followed well otherwise 15 points will be cut.

 The rider’s foot can touch the ground once at the speed breakers for which 5 points will be cut. He may restart the bike once but 5 points will be cut for that.

 The rider must compulsorily pass the rules regarding going up and down and the marked lines in the front and back must not be touched. The rider may restart the bike once.

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