Class 12 Result to be published till 15th of Mangsir 2078

Class 12 Result to be published: The results of the class 12 examination will be made public by 1st December 2021 (15th Manshir 2078). The National Examination Board (NEB) has informed that it is preparing to make the results public by December 1, 2021. The board has said that although it is preparing to publish the results by December 1, 2021, it may be a few days ahead.

The board has informed that the work of testing, scheduling, and scrutinizing the answer scripts of the examinees is going on simultaneously. The Class 12 examination, which was twice postponed due to the Corona epidemic, was conducted from Bhadra 30 to Ashoj 8. The board had conducted home examinations in 4,315 examination centers across the country.

According to the Examination Control Office, around four lakh students have participated in the examination this year

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